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Knights Templar

Eminent Knights Craig Maurier, Mark Richardson, Daniel Betts and Eddie Wildman with Sir Knight Richard Theaker (or a selection thereof) give an explanatory presentation of KT Meets the Craft (or KT Meets the Chapter) -a light hearted but informative examination of what the potential Candidate for Knights Templar might expect, presented in the Daggards' off-beat style, and illustrated by screen images and costumed Knights. (Suitable for both Craft and Chapter meetings.)

Bro. Kts. Craig Maurier and Mark Richardson also offer two short KT presentations, which may be performed individually or consecutively. Shields and Swords is a history of weaponry, especially with reference to KT, and The Malta Experience looks at aspects of the Malta degree. Both presentations are illustrated.(These presentations are for Knights Templars only). 

A further presentation Music used in Knights Templar is a half-hour examination of the hymns and songs used during the ceremonies: the watching Knights are encouraged to join in the singing, with Eddie on keyboard, Mark on trumpet and Craig controlling the electronics -this is an interactive Power Point Performance. (KT only.)



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