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Zoom Presentations

While the Daggards prefer to perform live, during the Covid-19 pandemic this is not possible. However, Eddie Wildman, Craig Maurier, Neil Armstrong and David Terry have prepared a number of illustrated Zoom Presentations which can be delivered to an interested audience via Zoom.

One such is called Setting up the Lodge in which a new Entered Apprentice assists the crusty old Tyler to prepare the Lodge Room for a First Degree Ceremony. There are two performers, Eddie Wildman and Craig Maurier (who is the Guru hosting the Zoom meeting and ensuring the images coincide with the script.) This presentation lasts about sixteen minutes and is ideal for Brethren new to Freemasonry,  providing useful material for discussion afterwards.  Contact Eddie Wildman for further information on eddierwildman@gmail.com.


Also available is Eddie Wildman's Hogarth's Masonic Cartoon, an illustrated presentation by Craig Maurier  which looks at the Masonic elements in Hogarth's "Night" etching. Early Freemasonry in 18th Century London is fitted into historic and social context, and the reason for the Worshipful Master receiving the contents of a chamber-pot over his head is explained. This lasts about twenty minutes.

Craig Maurier has adapted I Know the Answers but What Do They Mean? for a fifteen minute Zoom presentation. Again, this is an illustrated performance; the meaning behind the questions and answers posed at the end of the First Degree in Freemasonry are eloquently explained. Useful for discussion afterwards!

Retired vetinary surgeon and guest radio speaker David Terry talks about Masonic Creatures in an illustrated fifteen minute Zoom presentation. Masons of all ranks will be fascinated by this insight into the Creatures of Freemasonry from a man who has dealt with animals all his life. Light hearted but informative, this Zoom experience is highly recommended! Useful for discussion afterwards - Lodge Mentors are advised to invite Brethren to make this daily advancement in Masonic knowledge.

Worshipful Brother Skirrett and  his rival, Worshipful Brother Tassell are challenged to reveal all they know about the use of the VSL in the light blue degrees of Craft Masonry when confronted by annoyingly inquisitive Brother Dennis in the Virtual Mentors ForumThis fast moving Power Point Presentation by Eddie Wildman is delivered by Mike Noble, Craig Maurier and David Terry (assisted by W Bro Techie, pictured.)



Worshipful Bros Neil Armstrong and Eddie Wildman have collaborated to produce Hand over Back - a tale of duplicity and dishonour and a dreadful murder. It came to court - but then the Grand Master intervened . . . this research from contemporary newspaper cuttings looks at the events concerning a duel in 1813 - and may surprise you. This illustrated Zoom presentation lasts about thirty-five minutes.

A no-holds-barred examination of one of the smelliest jobs in Victorian Hull, The Night Soil Men gives a graphic insight into the lives of the people who emptied the privies and cess-pits during one of the darker periods in the history of the town. This illustrated Zoom presentation by W Bros Eddie and Neil (with the technical expertise of W Bro Craig Maurier) lasts about half an hour and should not be viewed whilst eating. 

Ten Tons of Bombs. Anyone with an interest in Steam Trains should see this presentation about a wartime munitions steam train and a disastrous explosion: an account of the heroism of ordinary men in difficult times. Neil, Craig, David and Eddie give this illustrated zoom presentation about a real-life event.



The Wizard of Oz as Masonic Parable is a solo Zoom presentation by Daggard guru W Bro Craig Maurier. This illustrated half-hour talk expains how the story is not merely a book for children's entertainment but a profound examination of the human psyche demonstrating fascinating parallels with theosophical teachings and an insight into the universal truths analagously demonstrated in freemasonry and elsewhere.

Those in Peril on the Sea is a full-length presentation with the Armstrong, Maurier, Terry and Wildman Team. It takes the form of a radio interview (with illustrations) wherein The Presenter, Commander Craig Maurier does his best to keep the interviewees from each other's throats. The topic under discussion is the start of the Royal National Life Boat Institution, focussing on John Owston of Scarborough and his involvement with the great storm of 1880. However, the Freemasons play a significant part, too. You are advised to wear a lifebelt for this presentation.

Revolution! Man's conquest of the air dates back to the Montgolfier Brothers, who were Freemasons in the same Lodge as Benjamin Franklin and Dr Joseph-Ignace Guillotin. Travel back in time by means of the Daggards HistoryScope (TM) and fly over eighteenth-century Paris with us in this light hearted but illuminating presentation with Neil, David, Craig and Eddie. C'est magnifique! Hold on to your chapeaux! And remember to bring a glass to join in the champagne toast afterwards.

Cast in Stone is set in London after the Great Plague and the Fire of 1666 and issues of rebuilding the city, the Royal Society and the Mason's Guild are discussed, along with Samuel Pepy's embarrasing problem. Pepys and Christopher Wren are enjoying a tankard or two at the Goose and Gridiron; but the new Apprentice and the Ancient Landlord have much to contribute too.. Neil's extensive research has given an interesting insight into the spirit of the age.

The short solo presentation Hansel and Gretel at the Freemasons' Lodge is by Eddie Wildman. The well-known folk tale, immortalised by the Brothers Grimm, is deconstructed and analysed to discover what lessons might be learned. Child abuse, gluttony, cannabalism and murder seem unlikely ingredients to the Brethren of the mystic tie, but you are invited to find out how
they feature in this thirty minute talk. But be warned - you may never want to eat gingerbread again!

Astronomy is one of the seven liberal arts and sciences, and the movement of the stars in the heavens has provided a foundation for instruction in Freemasonry and other earlier societies. Heavenly Bodies is a short lecture by Eddie Wildman explaining some of the astronomical features impacting on the Craft and beyond.

The WM has severe abdominal pains during a rehearsal and is rushed into hospital for an emergency operation. Surgery is not for the squeamish: learn about Freemasonry's contribution to the world of medicine and surgery while watching the appendectomy. Another performance by the Daggards' Zoom Quartet.


The Game's Afoot is a further illustrated presentation where Neil Armstrong and Eddie Wildman have worked together, this time researching aspects of the Freemason Arthur Conan Doyle. With its twelve speaking characters, (thriftily played by a cast of four), the drama is set in a Victorian parlour, where a seance is taking place. The Daggards' HistoryScopeTM  cunningly enables flashbacks to earlier events. Turn down the gas light and find out about the creator of Professor Challenger and Sherlock Holmes. Performed by the Daggards Quartet.

Aliens with Attitude is a short presentation with a brief quiz at the end. Suitable for Learning Circles in particular,  this is a light-hearted romp wherein the Worshipful Master is abducted by aliens. Particularly useful for Entered Apprentices and those who are new to the Craft, some aspects of the first degree are examined. Out of this world! Freemasons on any degree welcome.

Stones is a short presentation by the Daggards Quartet in which young Cedric learns about stones - and their importance in Speculative Freemasonry. Suitable for young Masons, this is an ideal presentation for a Learning Circle. It lasts about quarter of an hour but leaves room for discussion and observations afterwards.

Deadline is about Jack the Ripper and his notorious exploits in the foggy London backstreets, told by the man himself. Find out the inside story about his attitude to Freemasonry -- if you dare!

This is a full-length Daggards Zoom Quartet presentation. Not for the squeamish.

The Chapter Online Experience is open to all Craft members and comprises a short, up-beat account of the story behind the Chapter and some of the historical characters that have taken their place in the figurative enactment. For three performers, this is a useful "taster" for anyone who may be considering completing their Masonic journey.


King Solomon's Ring - coming soon. W Bro Bob and his wife Mildred discover a ring while holidaying in Jerusalem. They are transported back in time to King Solomon's Temple, which is nearing completion. But there are three dodgy characters from Tyre to contend with, and other problems. A chance to discover things about the Temple you never knew - watch this space!

Light Relief is an illuminating Daggards Quartet presentation looking at the different references to Light in the first degree alongside the development of lighting in dwellings from early times, and accompanied by some terrible jokes. Experience the Zoom Quartet being argumentative, and be enlightened!



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