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Wednesday 7th March 2018:

From time to time the Daggards bring out a new production. The debut of Blow up the DC at the Festive Board gives you the chance of exploding the Director of Ceremonies. In typical Daggards fashion, a team of Masonic actors; Rob Atkinson, Mike Noble, Richard Smedley, David Terry and Eddie Wildman will present the Brethren with a number of Festive Board Scenarios. The audience then has the opportunity of airing comments and observations before the team gives the official verdicts. Test how observant you are: can you spot the deliberate mistakes? Which bits went well and which were inappropriate? Warning - you may recognise some of the scenes!

The team will select a member of the Brethren to press the plunger and blow up the DC at the end of the presentation . . . it could be you!

The premier performance takes place at Kingston Lodge 1010 at the Masonic Hall, 69 Beverley Road, Hull HU3 1XL, tyling at 1800 hrs. To book a place, contact the Lodge Secretary, Neil Armstrong email muchcussing@msn.com or telephone him on 0781 8845 268 or landline (01482) 820850.

The WM, W Bro Louis Morgan assures all concerned that the Festive Board following the meeting will be of the usual high standard whether the DC survives the explosion or not.

There is excellent on-site car parking, but if your vehicle is not already registered with the Masonic Hall, be sure to register it (free) as soon as you arrive: non-authorised parking will incur a fine.

Tuesday 13th March 2018:

Zetland Lodge 1311 meets at the prestigious Masonic Hall at Castle Grove in Headingley, Leeds LS6 4BP, and for the Masters' Night in March, where all the Masters of the Leeds area Lodges are invited to attend, Eddie Wildman and Mike Noble will be presenting The Chapter Experience for the West Yorkshire Brethren. The Lodge tyles at 6:30 prompt and Brethren are advised to book places early to see this fast-moving, light-hearted explanation of what Chapter Masonry is about, delivered in the typical Daggards fashion with a huge cast of changing characters, noses, wigs and accents. Open to all Craft Masons of any degree. Dress code: DJ, white gloves.

Please contact Simon Penny-Smith on simonsmith@forktrucksolutions.com to ensure a place at the Festive Board for this event.

Castle Grove has excellent parking facilities.


Tuesday 13th March 2018:

Humber Lodge 57 has asked for a Daggards presentation in Hull while Eddie and Mike are performing in the Masonic Province of Yorkshire West Riding, and W Bros Craig Maurier and David Terry (who are both Past Masters of the Humber Lodge) have agreed to put on the iconic I Know the Answers - But What do the Questions Mean? - a light hearted but informative explanation of the significance of the questions and answers exchanged at the end of the 1st degree ceremony. This illustrated dialogue will be of particular interest to young Freemasons, as the reasons behind the way the Candidate is prepared including the way he is dressed are given in typical Daggards fashion. While Humber Lodge has a number of newcomers, Entered Apprentices, Fellow Crafts and young Master Masons from elsewhere are encouraged to join in this voyage of discovery. The Lodge meets at the Masonic Hall, Prince Street, Dagger Lane, Hull HU1 2LU, tyling at 6.30 pm. Book in to ensure a meal with the Secretary, W Bro Ian Syddall, email secretary@humber57.org.uk - you are advised to book before 9th March.

It is suggested you leave adequate time for street parking, which is not always easy in the Old Town. The car park on Princes Quay is conveniently close, however.

Wednesday 11th April 2018:

Ferrum Lodge 1848 has invited W Bros David Terry ProvSGW and Eddie Wildman ProvGOrg to give a Daggards performance of The Medieval Engineers at the regular meeting at the Masonic Hall, Roman Road, Middlesbrough TS5 5QA. (The Masonic Hall is on the corner plot where Orchard Road and Roman Road meet.) The Lodge tyles promptly at 7:00 pm. You are advised to book in early for this event by contacting the Secretary Bro Kester Haith email ferrum.lodge@gmail.com - and to book your meal! 

There is excellent on-site parking next to the Lodge building.

Saturday 14th July 2018:

Rudyard Kipling Lodge 9681, a Scouting Lodge, becomes peripatetic once a year, and this July leaves its customary haunt in Horncastle to visit the new Masonic Centre in Skegness, Lincolnshire PE25 3TE . Qualified Brethren are encouraged to wear their Scout uniforms, and following the brief meeting, their ladies and interested non-Masonic friends are invited to join them in the Lodge Room for a Daggards presentation of The Medieval Engineers by W Bros Eddie Wildman and David Terry, after which a white table luncheon will be served. The Lodge meeting tyles at 1400 hrs. To book in, contact W Bro Dennis Roberts on 07432 103230 or email sec.rudyard@btinternet.com.  

There are excellent car parking facilities at the Masonic Centre.

Friday 26th October 2018:

Rokeby Lodge 6301 meets at the Masonic Hall, Blackwall, Halifax HX1 2EH in the Masonic Province of West Yorkshire, an interesting building as it comprises a remodelled doctor's surgery, and the bijou Lodge Room itself is a reminder of the time of the Lodge's founding over seventy years ago. The Worshipful Master, W Bro Neil Butterworth has invited the Daggards to perform W Bro Neil Armstrong's light hearted illustrated lecture Riding the Goat in the more spacious downstairs dining hall following a brief meeting, after which dinner will be served. You are advised to book in with the Lodge Secretary, W Bro Neill Smith by email at rokebylodge6301@outlook.com or by telephone on (01274) 412615 to ensure a place. The Lodge tyles at 1900 hrs but you are advised to arrive early!

There is nearby street parking in addition to the Lodge's small car park.




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