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Thursday 27th September 2018:

Worshipful Brothers Terry Lynn and Eddie Wildman, both members of the Lodge of Saint Michael 7833 have agreed to entertain the Brethren at the first meeting after the summer break with The Medieval Engineers. This light-hearted presentation shows the connection between the cathedral builders of the past with the Freemasons of today, and includes songs in which everyone is invited to join. Wives and interested friends are invited to attend the presentation and the meal afterwards, where a talk will be given about Parkinson's Disease by Mr John Hinton. Contact the Lodge Steward, Bro Peter Stokes telephone 07766 463 093 or email peterstokes75@hotmail.com before 23rd September to ensure a place at the festive board. 

Parking is not always easy, but the Princes Quay Car Park is only a short distance away from the Lodge Building.

Tuesday 2nd October 2018:

Technical Chapter 5666 has invited E Comps David Terry and Eddie Wildman to give the Daggards presentation of Haggai's Message at the Masonic Hall, 69 Beverley Road, Hull HU3 1XL, at the Chapter meeting which begins promptly at 1800 hours. 

Royal Arch Masons will recognise the name Haggai as that of one of the three Principals. But who was he? How does he fit into the Chapter story? Why are the readings from the book of Haggai included in the ceremony?

Find out this and more at the Daggards presentation! Please contact the Scribe E, E Comp Steve Berry PPAGSoj email saeb662@hotmail.com or telephone 07867 477228 to book a place.

This meeting is only for Brethren who are members of the Holy Royal Arch.

There is on-site parking at Beverley Road, but be sure to register your vehicle once inside if you are not already on the list - unknown cars are fined! Be careful not to drive in the bus lane - the road cameras are unforgiving.

Wednesday 10th October 2018:

Ferrum Lodge 1848 have requested another Daggards performance having enjoyed themselves so much in April 2017; this time Mike Noble and Eddie Wildman are to perform The Chapter Experience which is open to Brethren of all degrees. Ferrum Lodge meets at at the Masonic Hall, 62 Roman Road, Middlesborough TS5 5QA tyling at 7.00 pm. To reserve a place at the festive board (cost £11.00) please contact the Lodge Secretary, Bro Kester Haith at ferrum.lodge@gmal.com or telephone him on (01642) 479731 before noon on Monday 8th October.

There is excellent on-site parking at the Middlesborough Masonic Hall (click for map.)

Thursday 11th October 2018:

Is there a goat involved in Freemasonry, or is it a malicious rumour? W Bros Neil Armstrong and Eddie Wildman are putting on a performance of Neil's Riding the Goat for Thesaurus Lodge 3891 at Dagger Lane HU1 2LU. The meeting tyles at 1830 hrs but as there will be a team visit with the Assistant Provincial Grand Master W Bro Sam Judah in attendance, you are advised to get there in plenty of time. In order to ensure a place at the festive board, please contact the WM, W Bro Richard East, telephone 07538 812 008 or email r-m-east@hotmail.co.uk by the 6th October.

Parking is sometimes difficult on Thursdays, but the Princes Quay carpark is conveniently close.

Saturday 20th October 2018:

The members of the choir providing the music for the consecration of the Phoenix Lodge 9633 commencing at 1100 hrs (be in place for 1045 at the latest) are all members of the Daggards, and have taken part in the Musical Extravaganza and other Daggard presentations. Tenors: John Chapman and Jim Kerr; Baritones: David Terry and Richard Smedley; Basses: Rob Atkinson, John Chew and Chris Hairsine, with Musical Director Eddie Wildman. The consecration takes place at the Masonic Hall 69 Beverley Road HU3 1XL. Places at this event are limited, and a cheque for the meal must be sent in advance: in the first instance contact the Secretary Mark Richardson on richyma@richyma.karoo.co.uk or telephone him on 07812 172061.

There is on-site parking at Beverley Road, but be sure to register your vehicle once inside if you are not already on the list - unknown cars are fined! Be careful not to drive in the bus lane - the road cameras are unforgiving.

Friday 26th October 2018:

The Ridings Tablers' Lodge 9586 has booked a performance of "Blow up the DC" so that the Beverley Lodges may have an opportunity to participate in this interactive explosive experience, first seen in Hull. Brethren are challenged to spot the (deliberate) mistakes in Masonic protocol, and a Brother from the audience will be chosen to press the plunger! To ensure a place at the Festive Board, please contact the Secretary, W Bro Mark Green email mark.green@jelfgroup.com or telephone 07773 355306. The Lodge tyles at 6:30 pm. The Lodge meets at Trinity Lane, Beverley, HU17 0DY. There is a map on the parking link below.

Parking is available nearby, free after six o' clock.

Friday 26th October 2018:

Rokeby Lodge 6301 meets at the Masonic Hall, Blackwall, Halifax HX1 2EH in the Masonic Province of West Yorkshire, an interesting building as it comprises a remodelled doctor's surgery, and the bijou Lodge Room itself is a reminder of the time of the Lodge's founding over seventy years ago. The Worshipful Master, W Bro Neil Butterworth has invited the Daggards to perform W Bro Neil Armstrong's light hearted illustrated lecture Riding the Goat in the more spacious downstairs dining hall following a brief meeting, after which dinner will be served. Performing this evening will be W Bro Armstrong himself, with Brother Alistair Lamyman. You are advised to book in with the Lodge Secretary, W Bro Neill Smith by email at rokebylodge6301@outlook.com or by telephone on (01274) 412615 to ensure a place. The Lodge tyles at 1900 hrs but you are advised to arrive early!

There is nearby street parking in addition to the Lodge's small car park.

Wednesday 7th November 2018:

The premier performance of  The Bill Hogarth Inquiry is under the banner of Kingston Lodge 1010 at 69 Beverley Road Hull HU3 1XL starting at 18:00 hours. William Hogarth is up before a Board of Inquiry charged with  Masonic Character Assassination. Witnesses are called from the 18th Century. Can this Masonic artist defend himself? Find out by coming: book a place through the Lodge Steward, Bro Gary Crossland, telephone (01482) 725589 or email gary.crossland2488@yahoo.com to ensure a place at the Festive Board. Bros Armstrong, Noble, Terry, Wheeldon and Wildman will be particupating in this dramatic encounter which relates to the beginnings of the United Grand Lodge of England.

The Beverley Road Lodge site has excellent parking facilities, but remember to register your car number if you have not been before.



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