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Wednesday 30th November 2011:

Extra chairs had to be brought into the Lodge Room at Dagger Lane to accommodate the audience for Paul Derrett's inaugural recital on the refurbished organ. Following a brief Power Point presentation by Eddie and Terry, Paul, an international recitalist as well as an expert organ builder, gave a stunning performance of popular items, after which everybody enjoyed a celebration meal in the dining room below. The event was hosted by the Daggards, who had led the drive towards the funding of the restoration of the instrument.



Wednesday 16th November 2011:

 The Ancient Ceremony Daggards performed in Yorkshire West Riding for the Amphibious Lodge 258. The Secretary wrote afterwards ". . .a really good evening . . . it's obvious that there is a tremendous amount of plain hard work goes into producing such a slick polished demonstration. The additional part at the festive board was equally entertaining and rounded off a splendid night." The WM, Adrian Collins, obviously impressed by the eighteenth century head-wear, stood between Ean Blair (Proposer) and David Whittall (Candidate) for a photograph.





Thursday 3rd November 2011:


Farmer Boaz was performed downstairs at Dagger Lane, where the presentation could be viewed from the dining tables. The Companions of the Humber Royal Arch Chapter 57 were generous in their applause when Terry and Eddie (playing thirteen different characters between them) concluded the show, after which the festive board commenced. "Shepherd's pie, that's appropriate," observed Terry. The MEZ, E. Companion Stanley Smith, thanked Eddie and Terry for their thought provoking, enlightening and above all humorous performance.

Thursday 20th October 2011:

 The Daggards enjoyed the hospitality of the Earl of Yarborough Lodge 2770 in the Masonic Province of Lincolnshire, performing the 1765 Installation Ceremony in the Lodge Room and afterwards entertaining at the Festive Board where W Bro Ian Grant led the singing in "Here's a health unto her majesty."


Wednesday 5th October 2011: 

E. Comp. Chris Kingdon, PZ, PPGSoj. (Berks), First Principal of the Sykes Chapter 1040 extended a customary warm welcome to both the Second and Third Provincial Grand Principals together with a team of Active Provincial Officers and other visitors to the regular convocation at Driffield and Eddie and Craig (pictured here with the Second Provincial Grand Principal, E. Comp. Denis Raymond Stubley) gave the premier performance ofThe Twelve Tribes and Banners to a distinguished audience. The presentation was well received and the kind donation to the Daggards gratefully accepted.

Saturday 17th September 2011:

The Provincial Grand Court, Lindsey Province, of the Masonic Order of Athelstan in England, Wales and its Provinces Overseas, was held at the Masonic Hall in Beverley, celebrating its fifth annual meeting on Saturday September 17th and at which Eddie Wildman and Craig Maurier gave their multimedia Presentation of a Grand Court Certificatewhich was received with approbation.





Wednesday 7th September 2011:

Brother Colin Woods, the newest member of the Daggards team, made his debut as the introducer and Senior Deacon in The Ancient Ceremony 1765 at Saint Nicholas Lodge 2568 in Scarborough.The Lodge Room was full to capacity and the Brethren highly appreciative, especially when the Daggards, still in costume, entertained at the Festive Board. The Master, Worshipful Brother David Grisdale, reported that it was one of the best evenings in the Masonic Hall for years and could they please have more!




 Friday 12th August 2011:

Richard Theaker and Craig Maurier performed together for the first time in Moving Our Landmarks in the main Lodge Room at Beverley Road for the De La Pole Lodge 1605.

"We are not all dinosaurs in Freemasonry,"Craig contended, the accompanying Power Point indicating the technological advances in the Craft as he challenged some of the shibboleths which Richard maintained were immutable, "especially not in De La Pole."









Monday June 20th 2011:

The debut of Moving Our Landmarks had been in the smaller Lodge Room at Beverley Road for the Holderness Lodge 3563, where Craig and Eddie crossed metaphorical swords in argument and some of the historical changes in Freemasonry were illustrated and explained with on-screen details of Hogarth's Masonic etching -along with other pictures. The presentation was well received by the Brethren,and the Worshipful Master, W. Bro. Michael Thomas Barwell, expressed his satisfaction that everyone had been not only educated but entertained.




Tuesday 24th May 2011:

Victory Chapter 4042 meets in a delightfully small upper room in Bridge Street, Pickering, and Eddie and Terry found themselves rather closer to the audience than at other venues. The Chapter had conducted its necessary business and closed, but the  Companions remained seated as visiting Brethren joined them to find out something about Chapter Masonry. The MEZ remarked afterwards that while he had witnessed a number of presentations regarding the Royal Arch, The Chapter Experience was undoubtedly the most entertaining.






Monday May 23rd 2011:

Daggards Terry Lynn and Eddie Wildman performed The Chapter Experience to another appreciative audience at Andrew Marvell Lodge  5642, Beverley Road, Hull.

The Worshipful Master, W. Bro. John Towler who had last appeared on this website in October 2009 (see below) now hosted the event with characteristic efficiency.




Saturday 30th April 2011:

Cleethorpes: the settlement of Clee was in existence by the time of the Norman conquest, and the Lodge of Old Clee 8697 (amazingly transformed into a castle for the occasion) recognised this with a Medieval Night which included a banquet whereat mead and cider freely flowed. Theaudience (including many non-masons) -of which a large proportion were in appropriate costume, including nobles, serfs and wenches, enjoyed a convivial evening, which began with an enactment of The Medieval Engineers with Daggards Eddie and Terry performing. The role of Brother Cedric was ably performed by Worshipful Brother Leigh Holton, current Master of Wellow Abbey Lodge 8819, Grimsby. 

 Much money was raised for the Lodge's chosen charity, RNLI Cleethorpes.



Saturday 19th March 2011:

Worshipful Brother Victor Fernandez, a Past Master of Eastern Gate Lodge 2970, English Constitution, Singapore, became an honorary Daggard following his singing and dramatic participation with W. Bro Eddie Wildman in a specially customised adaptation of Entertainment at the Festive Board, introducing hitherto unperformed material, at the Installation of Lodge Mount Faber 1825, Singapore, Scottish Constitution, on the 19th March 2011. The Installation of Lodge Ailsa 1172, S.C. followed, after which W. Bros Fernandez and Wildman entertained at the joint banquet of both Lodges. It was interesting to hear two versions of the Master's Song performed that day, and it was the first time the Brethren had joined in the song "Happy to Meet Again."


Saturday 12th March 2011:

Lord Bolton Lodge 3263 enjoyed the company of visitors from several local Lodges on Saturday 12th March 2011 when Bro Richard Theaker made his debut as a Daggard in I know the Answers, but what do the Questions Mean?The short presentation was very well received and a number of Brethren afterwards expressed their pleasure at understanding at last the significance of the questions and answers leading from the first to the second degree in Freemasonry.

Thursday 3rd March  2011:
Pelham Pillar Lodge 792 in Grimsby (Worshipful Master W Bro Roger Dixon) hosted “an entertaining and enlightening evening” with the Daggards’ presentation Writing the Minutes 1765 in which the eighteenth century WM and SW helped themselves to the Secretary’s wine as he attempted to collate his notes on the previous evening’s Initiation Ceremony. Eddie, Craig and Terry were well supported by Richard (roadie and techie) operating the screen images interacting with the performance. The Lodge was very well supported by visitors from both sides of the river (including a large contingent from Humber Lodge 57) and enjoyed a sumptuous festive board which continued the Georgian theme of the evening.
Wednesday 2nd March 2011:
Kingston Lodge 1010 invited the ladies and interested non-Masons to attend At the Festive Board -a singing presentation with W Bro Philip Daniels and Eddie Wildman given after the Lodge had concluded. While the Lodge was in session, however, Eddie enlightened the visitors with a light hearted talk on Things to Spot in a Freemasons' Lodge: armed with pencils and sheets of photographs the guests scored points for observing the shields decorating the Lodge Room, the impressive mural on the east wall and various Masonic symbols on display. The convivial eveningconcluded with good food and harmony, and donations were made to the RNLI and to the Daggards.




Monday 20th December 2010:

2010's Daggard performances concluded at Beverlac Mark Lodge  with the pantomime Peter Panto and the Pirates of the Caribbean. Terry Lynn took the title role: here depicted are the evil Captain Duck and his incompetent henchman, Blind Pew (Paul Ralph and David Johnstone.)











Thursday December 16th 2010:

The Lodge of St. Michael convened for a short meeting and the Brethren and their ladies were afterwards entertained by the WM and his wife in an interactive Coconut Shy demonstration which delighted everyone. As Daggards member Ian Grant remarked afterwards "Our Worshipful Master leads from the front." The latest pantomime,Peter Panto and the Pirates of the Caribbeanfollowed, with David Johnstone and Paul Ralph in the roles of Wendy and Michael Darling.


Tuesday 14th December 2010:

Wilberforce Lodge 2134 followed its brief meeting with Christmas celebrations, to which wives, partners and friends were invited. Daggards members Eddie Wildman, Terry Lynn, Paul Ralph and David Johnstone (who was also WM that evening) were privileged to present Peter Panto and the Pirates of the Caribbean to a full house, at which over £350 was raised for Charitable Purposes. This was the debut of the Daggards Crocodile, closely guarded by Terry Lynn, and the world's ugliest fairy, Clinkerbell.


Thursday 11th November 2010:

W. Bro. Richard John SmedleyPPGStwd, made his solo singing debut following the Thesaurus Lodge 3891 meeting in a sterling performance of Festive Board Entertainment. There were a dozen potential candidates at the presentation, along with the Brethren, girlfriends and wives; Eddie Wildman's downstairs talk  on What to look for in a Freemasons' Lodge engendered considerable interest and the singing in the Lodge Room and at the Festive Board afterwards contributed to a most convivial evening.



Tuesday 21st September 2010:

Saint Matthew Lodge 1147 at Barton-on-Humber invited the ladies to attend a presentation following the regular Lodge meeting: this was a first in the Lodge's history and a white table gathering. Worshipful Brother Philip Daniels sang delightfully, accompanied by Worshipful Brother Eddie Wildman at the keyboard in Festive Board Entertainment adapted for performance with the ladies. The Lincolnshire hospitality was second to none and a generous collection was donated to the Daggards for charitable purposes. The Worshipful Master, Bro N. G. Read thanked the duo for their performance which had inspired singing amongst the Brethren and their ladies which continued, indeed, during the actual festive board, concluding with the strains of "Happy have we met".


Monday 20th September 2010:

Terry Lynn and Eddie Wildman gave their presentation of Farmer Boaz in the small Lodge Room at Beverley Road for the Holderness Lodge 3563,  a Lodge rich in agriculturally inclined Brethren, and were warmly thanked for their performance. It was satisfying to observe the nods of understanding when the ancient threshing and harvesting techniques were explained and very pleasing to heathe Brethren sing so enthusiastically at the end of the evening when Worshipful Brother Lynn invited them to join in the chorus of "Happy to Meet Again."



Tuesday 14th September 2010:

The Humber Lodge 57 entertained ladies and uninitiated gentlemen: W. Bro Eddie Wildman giving a brief introduction to the visitors while the Lodge was in session with Things to spot in a Freemason's Lodge. After the Lodge was closed, the visitors were escorted to the Lodge Room where W. Bro Wildman accompanied W. Bros Daniels and Lynn in a presentation ofFestive Board Entertainment -W. Bro Richard Smedley was also called on to sing. The Worshipful Master, W. Bro Philip Watts (who was also in fine voice at the festive board afterwards) remarked that he had never known a Masonic evening like it. The visitors expressed their delight at having been so well entertained.

Friday 10th September  2010:
Craig, Terry and Eddie gave the premier performance of Writing the Minutes at the De la Pole Lodge 1605: in a costumed, 1765 setting ,the long-suffering Secretary attempts to write up the minutes of the previous night’s Initiation while the Right Worshipful Master and Senior Warden argue about the proceedings –at least, until the decanter is exhausted. The Lodge was typically very well attended and the performance concluded to spontaneous acclamation.


Thursday 9th September 2010:
Eddie and Terry performed for the Brethren of Trinity Lodge of Installed Commanders 1428 at lunch time together with their wives and other visitors at the Masonic Hall, Beverley. The small but select audience warmly applauded the presentation of Festive Board Entertainment and, having enthusiatically joined in the choruses, asked if the musical parting toast could be repeated at the end of the meal, so the festivities could be concluded with song. W.Bro. G. F. Setterfield thanked Terry and Eddie for their efforts and presented a cheque for the Daggards to donote to a charity of their choice.
Thursday 19th August 2010:

Craig introduced The Chapter Experience to the Brethren at St. Cuthbert's Lodge 630 in Howden:  Eddie  and Terry performed with their usual good humour and the renditionof the song I'm forever Zerubbabel met with audible approval. It was a pleasure to perform in the newly repainted Lodge room at Selby Road (which is accessed by a spiral staircase) and to have such an enthusiastic and appreciative audience, especially during the holiday season. Visitors from Hull, York and the Province of Lincolnshire attended.


Tuesday 15th June 2010:

The Hull Old Grammarians' Lodge 5129 (www.5129.karoo.net) has a steadily increasing undergraduate membership, being part of the United Grand Lodge of England Universities Scheme, and it was a pleasure to deliver I know the Answers, but what do they mean? to interested younger Freemasons at Dagger Lane, together with an explanation of the Latin inscriptions surmounting the walls in the unique Lodge Room there. Craig explained the symbolism of the clothing worn by the initiate in a first degree ceremony. 

Tuesday & Thursday 8th & 10th June 2010:

Again at Dagger Lane (the original street name was Daggard Lane from whence our nomenclature derives) Terry Lynn and Eddie Wildman performed The Chapter Experience to the Humber Lodge 57 and the Thesaurus Lodge 3891. Craig Maurier delivered the introduction at the former, Des Ashton at the latter.


Tuesday 3rd June 2010:

The Humber Chapter 57 enjoyed the premier performance ofHaggai's Message:  an explanation of the second reading in the Chapter exaltation ceremony. Companion David Terry was in fine voice as he and Eddie Wildman outlined the contextual history underlying the rebuilding of the Temple at Jerusalem. (You can check out the Humber Lodge and Chapter on their websitewww.humber57.org).




Wednesday 19th May 2010:

The Alexandra Lodge 1511 in Hornsea watched a presentation of The Chapter Experience, and shared a convivial festive board with the performers afterwards. The Worshipful Master, W. Bro. Peter Taylor LGR presented a cheque to boost the Daggards' charitable work, which was very  gratefully received. 



Saturday 24th April 2010:

£200 was donated to the Daggards' charitable efforts at the Lodge of St. Michael's St. George's Night. The traditional toast  was given by W. Bro John Stead (well known for his portrayal of the drunken Tyler in the Antient Ceremony) after which Daggard members W. Bro. David Johnstone and Bro. Paul Ralph (pictured) provided the entertainment along with Bro. Peter Nesbitt of Wilberforce Lodge. Stand-up comedy, singing and magic delighted the appreciative audience, and everyone joined in the traditional singalong and flag waving.



Wednesday 14th April 2010:

A Daggard delegation visited the West Riding for a performance of Flight of a Mason in Batley. The Howley Lodge No. 5012 was opened and closed with minimum business transacted, after which ladies and non-Masonic guests were invited to join the Brethren for the presentation. Craig Maurier, (Roadie and Sound Effects Man on this occasion –he has recently reorganised the SFX so they can be operated from his laptop computer) introduced Terry,  Eddie and himself, insisting that he was not only the best looking member of the team that evening, but also the youngest.






Tuesday 6th April 2010:

Terry & Eddie performed The Chapter Experience to Eboracum Royal Chapter 1611. Their song about the Twelve Banners of Israel was received with spontaneous acclamation. Various characters from the Royal Arch degree figured in the presentation along with Reporters from the fifth century BC and two crusty old Craft Officers.





Monday 26th October 2009:

Andrew Marvell (Craig Maurier) and John Donne (Eddie Wildman) visited the Andrew Marvell Lodge 5642 to comment on historical aspects of the Craft. The Candidate for the evening (Bro. John Towler) had not realised that his volunteering for the role would involve a change of hair style, but played his part enthusiastically.



Thursday 17th December 2009:
At the Lodge of St Michael's Christmas entertainment in 2009 the Daggards surprised the assembled company with the special guest appearance of Bro. Antonio Jose Ramirez Jiminez who taught the Brethren, wives and guests the Spanish Christmas carol "Vamos Pastorcitos" which was well received and warmly applauded.




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